Activities and Safety Guidelines

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Health and Safety Guidelines for Student Organizations 
Updated 3/5/2021

Please Note: These policies are also in alignment with expectations for events planned by staff and faculty for non-course/academic related activities as well.


Student organizations are a major contributor to the student experience at Lehigh University. To mitigate the risks surrounding COVID-19, student organizations should think critically and creatively on how to accomplish goals while prioritizing health and safety for all (i.e. Does this NEED to happen? Or do we WANT this to happen? Is there a way for us to do this differently to lower the risk of transmission?).

All student organizations’ non-academic in-person activities (on and off-campus) will be vetted by completing an Event Planning Form on LINC, reviewed by the Campus Event Advisory Group (CEAG), and forwarded to the COVID Response Team (CRT). We encourage all student organizations to continue virtual engagement for accessibility to all students of the Lehigh community as well as prioritizing the health and safety of the greater community.

If your organization is overseen by a national organization or governing body outside of Lehigh (e.g. fraternities and sororities, academic-based affiliations, etc.) that has additional and/or more specific guidelines/rules, please follow those guidelines as well. Students who choose fully remote are not permitted to participate in on-campus activities.

For approved non-academic on-campus events, below are the following guidelines:

How to Complete the Event Planning Form:

1.) Log-Into LINC (access through Connect Lehigh or Portal)

2.)​ Click on the Organization for which you're submitting an EPF for

3.) Click 'Manage Organization'

4.) Click dropdown menu on left, then Click 'Events' 

5.) Complete Event Planning Form

Student Organization Non-Academic Event Planning Guidelines 

  1. Stay home if you are sick or have symptoms of COVID-19. Encourage your members to stay home if they are sick or showing symptoms of COVID-19.

  2. All attendees must complete and obtain clearance from the COVID-19 Self-Assessment through Hawkwatch or the website. This assessment is required for campus access and event attendance. Attendees should allow up to 60 minutes for building access to be updated.

  3. Students who have opted to take the “Fully Remote” option are not permitted on campus and are not allowed to attend or host events on campus.

  4. All on-campus and off-campus meetings and gatherings are limited to 10 people indoors and 15 people outdoors at most. 

    1. To view the most accurate and updated information, visit COVID-19 FAQs: Events, Meetings and Gatherings.

  5. For any gathering up to ten people, appropriate social distancing of at least six feet from others must be able to be observed and face coverings must be worn.

    1. Given no evidence of transmission in classroom and formal settings, in-person courses may exceed this five-person limit in accordance with the established course format when held. 

    2. The restrictions on gatherings include occupancy; for example, five roommates living together are not permitted to host visitors.

  6. After each event, it is the responsibility of the event planner to ensure that the space has been adequately cleaned and sanitized. Materials will be made available if needed from the Office of Student Engagement.

  7. Food and Beverages

    1. Food will be limited to individually packaged.  No outside catering or homemade food is permitted.

    2. Anything more than snack packs/chips/etc will need to be ordered through LU Catering. This may require an additional cost as a staff member will be responsible to serve food in a safe manner. Staff members will also count as one person on the maximum capacity count.

  8. Participants and event attendees should not arrive at an event prior to 30 minutes of start time.

  9. All attendees should leave the event and be out of the vicinity within 15 minutes after the scheduled end time of an event.

  10. An event planning form will need to be completed at least 3 weeks prior to any event (both virtual and in-person).

  11. It is suggested that you meet with your advisor or a representative from the Office of Student Engagement or Student Center Facilities prior to submitting an Event Planning Form to talk through the logistics of an event.

  12. All non-academic in-person events will need to be submitted to the Campus Events Advisory Group (CEAG) and the COVID Response Team (CRT) through the Event Planning Form.

  13. This may require you to meet with the CEAG via a zoom call. 

  14. All attendees must RSVP via LINC for the event. Attendance will be tracked through this as well.

  15. At the event there will need to be a designated person to monitor attendance. Once the RSVP list has arrived OR the maximum capacity of the event has been reached the monitor will need to close the event to additional attendees

  16. Student organization events with alcohol on campus will not be permitted.

  17. All outside vendors/guests must be registered and complete COVID screening assessment prior to stepping onto campus.

  18. If after a meeting or club function a student attendee informs your organization that they have tested positive for COVID-19, respect their privacy and do not share this information with others. Instead, encourage them to self-report to the Health and Wellness Center by calling 610-758-3870 or email Self-reporting is a safe and confidential process and will allow the Lehigh Health and Wellness Center to provide support to those who test positive. It is required that all students, faculty and staff self-report and self-isolate once they receive a positive COVID-19 test result.


As mentioned there will be an event approval process that will be as follows:

Suggested Pre-Step: If it would be helpful, set up a Zoom meeting with the Office of Student Engagement to talk through logistics of the event you are planning to hold. 

Step 1: Submit an Event Planning Form via your Organization's page via LINC.

  • All event forms will be compiled and sent to the CRT

Step 2: Submit a reservation request via 25live. (Student Use Spaces: UC, UC Front Lawn, Lamberton, Zoellner Arts Center, Tamerler Courtyard, STEPS Lawn).

Step 3: Event will be reviewed by the CEAG and recommendation forwarded to the Covid Response Team(CRT).

  • The CEAG is a group of campus partners from around campus that assist with the logistics of an event: Student Center Facilities,Student Engagement, Risk Management, General Counsel, Lehigh Police, and Campus Partners providing input for a specific request

  • The CRT is a team of professional staff members charged with overseeing the health and safety of the campus community during the COVID-19 pandemic

Step 4: If approved, you will receive communication from LINC that the event will be able to move forward. 

Step 5:  On-campus events if approved by CRT the Campus Events Advisory Group (CEAG) will notify the Space Scheduler.

There are also some added benefits of completing the Event Planning Form via LINC

  1. You can track attendance for all events. 

  2. You can communicate with attendees before, during and after the event. 

    1. This can be helpful for contact tracing if needed.

  3. Once approved, the event is automatically added to the University Calendar and University Announcements.

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