Live-In Graduate Assistant Program

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Live-In Graduate Assistant Program 

Lehigh University is recruiting candidates who are prepared to support, educate, and engage residential fraternity and sorority members within a student-centered learning environment. We seek graduate students committed to the Five Foundations for Student Success: Creative Curiosity, Identify Development, Collaborative Connections, Inclusive Leadership, and Professional Growth and Success.

The Live-in Graduate Assistant (GA) is assigned to assist the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs (OFSA) in serving as a resource and paraprofessional mentor to Lehigh University fraternity and sorority residential communities. The Live-in GA assists their respective chapter through formal and informal interactions with the chapter officers and individual members. This position is open to any full-time graduate student enrolled in an accredited graduate program, and we would love to share this opportunity with the graduate students you work with. 

We look forward to starting the recruitment and selection process this month as we begin reaching out to graduate programs at Lehigh and other local accredited higher education institutions. The application is now live and is open any graduate student full-time enrolled in an accredited graduate program. Below you will find a few important dates to hold for the recruitment and selection of Live-In GAs.


2022 Recruitment, Selection & Onboarding Timeline for Rolling Applicants

  • March 10 – OFSA initial candidate screening

  • March 14 – OFSA and Housing Services begin first round interviews for candidates

  • March 21 – OFSA begins sharing candidate information with chapters based on the candidate preferences and first round interview performance

  • March 26 - Chapter and candidate interviews begin. Chapters may have 2-3 officers + alumni advisor and/or HQ staff. Chapters must submit 1 completed feedback form for each interview they participate in

  • April 1 – OFSA will begin placing GAs with chapters. Chapters will be notified prior to a job offer being sent to a candidate

  • July 1 - Interview deadline for chapters and candidates

  • Aug. 1 - 17 – Live-In GA Move-In, Training and Onboarding

  • Aug. 17 - 19 – House Manager Arrival, Training and Onboarding

We look forward to working with a diverse and talented group of graduate students as we launch this program in August 2022. We have 10 positions available at this time. 

General questions about our office, the fraternity and sorority community at Lehigh, or the position can also be referred to