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This page includes information on university services and resources for Student Senate recognized student organizations as well as other recognized organizations at Lehigh University. If you have questions about a specific service or resource please contact the office listed under each service or resource. If no contact information is provided please contact the Office of Student Engagement at or 610-758-6670. 

FAQ Pairs: 


The following are ways for student organizations to advertise on the Lehigh University campus:

  • Flyers: Please refer to the Posting Policies on posting in the University Center, Residence Hall, Greek Houses, Outdoor Bulletin Boards, and other buildings.

  • The Lehigh Events Calendar: The events calendar offers a comprehensive listing of Lehigh events, including lectures, conferences, performing arts, exhibitions, athletics, cultural and entertainment activities and more. Learn more about the calendar and how to submit an event.

  • Digital Information Boards (DIBS): DIBs is the Student Center Facilities digital sign system that displays digital images, campus events, cable television, along with Lehigh news feeds on multiple plasma and LCD screens throughout the Student Center Facilities buildings. DIBs can display both still images as well as video.  Information on DIBs can be found on the Student Center Facilities website. 

  • Lehigh Community Bulletin Board: The Lehigh Community Bulletin Board (formerly the Daily News Digest) is a way for members of the Lehigh community to keep other community members informed of Lehigh events and activities. Learn how to post an announcement.

  • Lehigh University Buses: Advertise to a captive audience on a bus that runs five days a week. To learn more visit Transportation and Parking Services

Air Travel

Refer to Lehigh's Travel Management department for further information. 

Campus Facility (Room) Reservations

As a recognized student club, you have the privilege to utilize space on campus for meetings and events.  If a room reservation is for an event you must submit an Event Planning Form through the recognized student club's LINC page for approval from the Student Engagement Office, in addition to submitting the Room Reservation.  If the room reservation is simply for a club meeting, you don’t need office approval to reserve the room.

Reserve event space

First, look at the calendar to see that the room is open for the date and time you desire. This doesn't mean it's guaranteed that you'll get the room as there may be reservations ahead of you waiting to be processed.

Next, click on My Requests and enter your Lehigh sign-on and password. When filling out My Requests you'll need to know the abbreviation for the specific campus space you want to reserve, to find this please refer to the Location List. Submit your request and wait for an e-mail confirmation. Depending on the building you're requesting, the request is processed by the appropriate Scheduling Office as follows:


  • Classroom requests:  For general questions, or to cancel an event request which was sent to the Registrar’s Office (Classroom Requests), please use

  • Conference Services requests:  For general questions, email  To cancel an event request which was sent to Conference Services, please email,

  • Rauch Business Center requests:  For general questions or to cancel an event request, please use, or call 610-758-3201. Please note that rooms in Rauch Business Center must be requested by a Faculty Advisor or Staff Member and cannot be requested by students.

  • Lamberton requests:  For general questions, call 610-758-0028, or email  To make changes to a confirmed event or to cancel an event, send an email to

  • Student Center requests:  For general questions, call 610-758-4163.  To make changes to a confirmed event or to cancel an event scheduled through Student Center Facilities, please send an email to




Campus Facility (Room) Reservations: Reserving Rathbone or Iacocca Halls

Among other things, Conference Services is responsible for managing the Rathbone and Iacocca Hall facilities. These areas are often used for banquets, semi-formals and music events. They may also be used when bringing a speaker on campus or for other types of events. The view from the Tower Room in Iacocca Hall is striking when the skies are clear. Costs associated with the use of the facilities are dependent upon the size and type of event.

If you would like to reserve one of these spaces Reserve event space.

Look at the calendar to see that the room is open for the date and time you desire. This doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed that you’ll get the room as there may be reservations ahead of you waiting to be processed.

Next, click on My Requests and enter your regular Lehigh sign-on and password. When filling out My Requests you’ll need to know the abbreviation for the specific campus space you want to reserve, to find this please refer to the Location List. Submit your request and wait for an e-mail which is a “tentative hold.”

To complete the room reservation with Conference Services you must proceed to their office to fill out a Student Group Event Request Form. Their office is located on the lower side of Rathbone Hall (one level below the dining room) and is accessed via the outside balcony walkway. Their phone number is 610-758-5306.

Visit the Conference Services website for additional information.


If you need food for an event, you must use Dining Services if the event takes place in one of the following venues: Rathbone, UC, Lamberton, Zoellner, Rauch Business, Iacocca/Mountaintop, Ulrich/Grace and other buildings where there is an existing Sodexho operation.

If the event is in a building not listed above, you may bring in your own food or order from Dining Services. Any time you have food you must clean up the entire area or you will be charged by Facilities Services for clean up.

Please visit Catering on the Dining Services website and complete the online order form. You'll need to enter your club account number. The form goes directly to Dining Services and they contact the Student Organization Accounts Coordinator for approval and availability of funds. Clubs receive a 30% discount from Dining Services on food orders and it is deducted on the bill. If you have any questions, contact Dining Services at 610.758.4166.

In addition to placing a catering order, the club must submit an Event Planning Form to the Student Engagement Office for approval of the event.


The EPITOME is Lehigh University's yearbook. For over one hundred years the people, events and organizations that make Lehigh what it is, have been recorded in the EPITOME. The volunteer staff that produces the EPITOME strives to capture every facet of Lehigh life that occurs within an academic year. Every organization is permitted to place a 1/2 page advertisement in the Epitome, it is provided free of charge by Student Senate. You may purchase a larger advertisement with your club funds.

Questions regarding your organization in the Epitome should be directed to, or by visiting the Epitome website.

Event Planning Form

The Event Planning Form is a tool available for use by Lehigh student organizations to help in planning campus events and programs. It is submitted through LINC. Student organizations are able to submit the EPF through their group page on LINC by “Creating an Event”.

Student organizations are required to complete this form each time an event (on or off campus) is being planned. An event is defined as any type of activity that takes place other than regularly scheduled organization meetings.

Upon submission of the form a Lehigh staff member from either the Office of Student Engagement or the Office of Student Center Facilities will send a personalized e-mail with tips, suggestions and instructions to aid in planning the event. This response will be sent within five (5) business days.

As organizations begins planning its event the Offices of Student Engagement and Student Center Facilities are available as a resource yet view the student leaders as the ones responsible for making all event arrangements in a timely fashion. It is advised that organizations begin planning at least four weeks ahead of time for on campus events and two weeks for off-campus events (excluding conference travel).

Facilities Services

The Department of Facilities Services can assist your organization by providing equipment such as tables, chairs, extension cords, turning on power outside, turning on water outside, etc.

Charges are assessed for all services and sometimes they are costly. Therefore, you must first get approval from a Student Engagement staff member before requesting any service.

Once you have approval, complete a Facilities Services Work Request Form

You'll need to provide your club account number on the form.



Funding Sources

The following are funding sources available to students and student organizations:

  • The Dean of Students Co-Sponsorship Fund is available to clubs and organizations seeking financial support for their social, cultural, educational, and/or service philanthropic events. 

  • The Lehigh After Dark Activity Fund has been established to provide support for programs that provide undergraduate students with quality social, cultural, intellectual and community development activities that do not focus on alcohol and are open to the entire Lehigh community. Lehigh After Dark activities are offered on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.. 

  • The Student Opportunity Fund is available to individual students pursuing personal, professional, and educational development.

  • Student Senate offers funding to Student Senate recognized organizations through in-year funding and its annual allocations process each spring. More information can be found on the Student Senate Allocations Committee website

Gold Plus Machines

Student Senate recognized clubs and organizations have the opportunity to rent the Student Senate-Gold Plus machines for club events and fundraising.  Common uses by clubs include but are not limited to: raising funds for charity, collecting admission for an event and selling small items like t-shirts.

To request the use of a Gold Plus machine a reservation form must be submitted through the HUB, after submitting the form you will hear back in 2 business days. 

Please note the following information and guidelines regarding the use of a Gold Plus machine:

  • There are  2 Gold Plus machines that are loaned to clubs and organizations from The SOuRCe by a Student Engagement staff member, Room A207 in the University Center.  The machines are loaned on a first come first serve basis and are typically reserved for 1-2 days per event.

  • The machine can only be used in certain buildings that have the necessary hook up:University Center 2nd Floor tables (hook up near ATM machine), Packard 101 Auditorium lobby (hook up in lobby – near ceiling), Lamberton Great Room (hook up in office)

  • A 3% Bursar fee is deducted on gross sales. An example of sales and fees is:  $100 sales - 3% Bursar fee = $97 net sales.

  • A Student Engagement staff member will charge the appropriate fees and credit the sales collected to the organization’s account.  It is the responsibility of the organization to forward funds collected for charity in a timely manner, please contact the Office of Student Engagement for assistance in forwarding the funds.

  • In the event that a piece of equipment is damaged or missing, the organization/person renting the equipment will be responsible for all replacement costs.

  • The machine must be picked up and returned The SOuRCe, room A207 in the University Center.   The pick-up and return should occur during office business hours that are closest to the event start and end times.  

Lehigh University Police Department

Some campus events require the reservation of Lehigh Police (LUPD). To determine if Lehigh Police is needed for your event please contact this office at or 610-758-4200

Note that Lehigh Police needs to be reserved within 14 business days of the event to ensure that the proper personnel can be scheduled. Failure to make this reservation within the stated time frame will result in the postponement or cancellation of your event.

In addition, organizations are responsible for the fees charged by LUPD for services provided for events.

Please visit the Lehigh Police (LUPD) website for more information.

Printing Services

It is recommended that clubs requiring copying services for newsletters, posters, flyers, etc. use the Lehigh University Printing Services. There are two locations for your convenience. The Mountaintop Campus, Building J print shop is a full service shop for all of your needs. There is also an extension site located in Rauch Business Center, room 120. What cannot be done at that location will be shipped to building J where the job is processed and delivered back to Rauch.

  1. Contact Printing Services for an estimate. Call Mountaintop Printing at 610.758.3108 or email Call Rauch Copying at 610.758.6363 or email
  2. Go to Printing Services to have job completed. Fill out Printing Services Form (not online) with club account number 615XXX. Have copy sent to Marianne Deutsch, Student Engagement, Room 105, University Center .

Visit Lehigh Printing Services website for more information. 

If you need to use a vendor outside of Lehigh, please inform a Student Engagement staff member.  

Transportation Services

The University’s Transportation Services Department provides the Lehigh community with the following rental vehicles and services:

  • 7 passenger mini-vans

  • 5 passenger mid-size cars

  • School bus (with driver)

All vehicle rentals (mini-van, car and school bus) must be arranged through the Transportation Services Department by the request of a University employee or department as students are not able to reserve vehicles on their own. Note that there is a charge to rent vehicles and buses. Please refer to the Transportation Services website for current rental rates.

The vehicle reservation process:

  • Notify the Office of Student Engagement that this event or trip is being planned by completing and submitting an Event Planning Form through the HUB.

  • The vehicle rental request form is integrated into the Event Planning Form. 

  • A Student Engagement staff member reviews the vehicle rental request in the Event Planning Form and forwards the information to Transportation Services to reserve your vehicle.

  • The Transportation Services department confirms the rental.

  • A Student Engagement staff member  contacts the student organization confirming the requested vehicle.

Important Information:

  • Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Make reservations at least a week in advance. Any reservations made with less than 72 hours notice may not be honored.

  • Two registered drivers per vehicle are required for each rental. Three registered drives per vehicle are required for each rental on a long distance trip.

  • Purchasing fuel for University vehicles can only be made with a Transportations Services gas card. Personal purchase of fuel will not be reimbursed by Transportation Services.

  • Qualifications to Operate a University Vehicle

  • Accident and Cancellation policy information

Charter Buses

Charter Bus rentals must be arranged through an outside vendor.  This type of bus rental is costly so clubs must have sufficient funds prior to making a reservation. Notify the Office of Student Engagement that this event or trip is being planned by completing and submitting an Event Planning Form and the integrated vehicle rental request.

  • Club contacts outside bus company to reserve bus.  The following bus companies are commonly used by Lehigh with pricing that may vary:
  1. Bieber              610-435-6691
  2. Easton Coach  610-253-4055
  3. Transbridge     610-868-6001
  • Bus contract/paperwork should be forwarded to and signed by a Student Activities staff member, students do not sign bus contracts. 
  • Bus invoices should be given to a Student Engagement staff member for payment processing.

Parking Tickets

Tickets received while you are in possession of a rental vehicle are your personal responsibility. If you do not pay the ticket within the stated period of time, it will be passed on to Transportation Services with a penalty and additional fees will be incurred. Ultimately, these costs are your responsibility and, if not paid, will be charged to your Bursar Account.